science writing & media


Talking About the Tesla by Emily Lakdawalla for AAS Women in Astronomy (2018)

Space and time (for diversity) for The Volcanology Chronicles (2018)

‘HOMER: A Long-Distance Look Into Lava Tubes On Mars’ for Madame Mars (2016)


Ep. 15: Planetary Science for Superwomen in Science (2018)

Planetary Happy Snaps – Divya M. Persaud joins Real Scientists for Cassini Week! for Real Scientists (2017)

‘Only One Way to Mars?’ by Jan Millsapps for Huffington Post (2014)

In the media:

Wie Elon Musk den Sternenhimmel verdunkelt – Süddeutsche Zeitung (June 2019)

Spacelink, the Sky, and Colonialist Attitudes – Skepchick (May 2019)

A N*zi Controversy Deep in the Solar System – The Atlantic (May 2019)

1,000 mile remote control desert test drive for Mars rover – RAL Space (Oct. 2018)

Professional abstracts: