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Science Writing & Communications

Spacelink Presents: Exploring Mars for Spacelink Learning Foundation (2018)

Ep. 15: Planetary Science for Superwomen in Science (2018)

Space and time (for diversity) for The Volcanology Chronicles (2018)

‘HOMER: A Long-Distance Look Into Lava Tubes On Mars’ for Madame Mars (2016)

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In the Media

1,000 mile remote control desert test drive for Mars rover – RAL Space

Talking About the Tesla by Emily Lakdawalla for AAS Women in Astronomy (2018)

Coolitude poetics interview with Divya M. Persaud by Rajiv Mohabir for Jacket2 (2018)

Planetary Happy Snaps – Divya M. Persaud joins Real Scientists for Cassini Week! for Real Scientists (2017)

‘Sacral Attachment: India – Guyana – United States’ by Rajiv Mohabir for the North American Review Blog (2016)

‘Only One Way to Mars?’ by Jan Millsapps for Huffington Post (2014)

‘Fifty Shades of Shadeism’ by Jamie Rudd for the Campus Times (2015)